Hi Guys of the web,

german schools teach technical stuff on a very high standard… but mostly you will sit quiet…. and it’s a teacher-dvd-player playing the same old disc he did for the last ten years…. with some possibility of interaction…

any computer could do that much more better…

cooperation, collaboration or even creative re-inventing of existing things seems not worth fostering or supporting in a child’s mental development.

the message that i got from teachers is:

„don’t question the status quo… because if there would be a better way to do what we do now… we would have done it.“


„this is how it is… get used to it.“

so every single german (if not quitting school or leaving to a less difficult one) will become a great engineer… unable to cooperate with others… a genious not knowing what to do for the people surround him… or just fail and will feel like a worthless human beeing.

It seems germany has great ideas… but no entrepeneur to actually put theory into practice.

… many things, probably the most important things in life, are expected to be taught yourself.

in german schools (i guess is the same for japanese and chinese or czeck schools) it is important to remember that black on white stuff that is in your vocabulary book…

but i tried… i could only remember two to three pages densely packed with latin vocabulary (about 50 on each page) … why is that so? am i dumb? worthless?

no… it was just not my way of learning things and doing things.

so i had to demonstrate myself … what i was able to do.

maybe that’s another reason why students go berserk… because they want to demonstrate, what they are able to do.

i also had plans about blowing up the school… but only the building … not the people.

the human brain is simply not capable of remembering stuff it has no links to… it’s like in the web… or wikipedia… if there is no link to a site… you won’t find it ranked very well in google… and wikipedia won’t even know the site exists.

i changed school several times… always having some problems with teacher’s of subjects that i actually was very interested in (biology).

i failed in the class of 10 because of biology… because i tried to actually talk to my biology teacher who just gotdivorced… why he was treating students so badly.

i changed school once more…

So when finally reaching the 13th class (that is after 13 years of school… the last class of high-school) i quit … because i i felt trated unfair again… from another old biology teacher…

„my future does not depend on those idiots… “

and my interest in biology will prevail.

i wished, that children would be shown many things, ways of living and fields of interest that exist on this planet….

so that they can choose their battlefield themselves… and then support them to learn things they are actually interetsted in… things they WANT to know… will be remembered for shure.

„no one is unsuccessful on purpose…“

(david f. online-philosoph)

cheers, looking for feedback 😉


happy easter!