u know what i realized?

……. germany…… has now 50 years of peace. i belong to the second generation of germans that did not experience war themselves.

thanks god for that.

but could it be, that war also has to do with development of a culture.

right now we have a political system that kind of sucks …….. but on the other hand …. should gurantee that there will be no sense less mass slaughter anymore.

actually the EU did not have a tribal war or war amongst ethnical, religious groups in the last 50 years.

kosovo…. kirgisistan…. chechnia…… these are were and are all bloody conflicts…. amongst ethnic groups.

same for africa…. were there are still tribal wars….. as if nothing changed since 300 years.

this leads me to two possibilities……

1. people are still so sick of the last war that they just don’t want to start another one anytime soon.
2. people realized that even an economical crysis is not as bad as mass slaughter to enslave neighbour countries.

yes we have child rapeists…. yes we have corruption….. yes our freedom might be limited by laws and regulations…..

but we can atleast sleep without the fear of beeing bombed or shot or killed during the night.

maybe its „enough“ for the masses to be virtually cruel

i think i have to puke……..

unbelievable amounts of hate must have occumulated over the years.