The Tragedy of Man – or – where all life comes from – computers are not perfect just as us.rtf

this talk has quiet a bit of a nietsche-kind of negativity. so i don’t recommend it to „normal“ human beeings.

with great power and also with great technology, comes great responsibility.


i mean no one wants to kill whole civilisations by accident. („OOOOOps…… Mr. President…… i think i just sat on your BIG RED BUTTON THAT BLOWS UP THE EARTH WITH NUCLEAR WAR HEADS!“)

With great knowledge, there comes great suffering.


because bacteria just want to life…… and not spend massive effort to figure out how to survive.

maybe there stems our in-build „lazyness“, our inner inertia, our inner temptation from.

humans are lazy per default.

they usually don’t change anything unless it threatens their way of life. biggest motivation of all is not to die.

If we assume that a human’s body is a team of cells that formed because single-cell life found out „hey if i play in a team we can have an advantage over other single-cellular life like bacteria“.

If we assume that a human’s body and a dinosaur’s body is evolutionary development from a bacteria that thought „hey…… if we join forces…… we will be stronger than a single bacterium.“

Everything we do and the whole world we have build around us appears in a different light.

And yes indeed our immune system and probably that of the dinosaurs too are so „good“ that they can fight swarms of different bacteria, fungi and viruses simultaneously, everyday, everywhere, always and we should support our body in doing so. (vitamin C!!! from lemon juice is quiet good… maybe even to a dinosaur’s immune system)

So at first the single-cell-organisms thought: „hey! let’s be bigger than the other teams of cells“ and so the biggest dinosaur could always kill the smaler.

But than suddenly parameters changed.

The environment cooled so much (probably because of an asteroid/meteroid)

no one really knows where all the life comes from…….

could life on this planet really stem from bacteria traveling on asteroids?

Like spore’s from mold/mildew are speading out and wherever they accidently hit a suitable spot, a habitat (they can even eat dust!… enough water is always needed) they settle, grow and develop.

Nasa’s Bill says: „highly unlikely“. But what about mold-spores? They survive almost anything

„Eli: In what way is the study of asteroids, meteors and comets, related to astrobiology? 

Bill: Meteoroids and meteors are thought to be vehicles for panspermia which is the notion that life can be transported from planet to planet. We know that Earth and Mars have been swapping meteors since the origin of the solar system, Some astronomers argue that bacteria and viruses can survive within meteorites during the time it takes to make the journey between the two planets, so life here could have originated on Mars, or life on Mars could have originated here, if it ever existed. Some people think comets also carry bacteria or viruses, though this is highly unlikely. „

Atleast they found fossils from bacteria that are 3.5 billion freakin‘ years old! (one of the oldest organisms that fossils were found from) ( ) <- just for the info…… those suckers were the first to produce oxygen….. and actually „making“ the air that we are breathing today.

of years old and older than any fossils from other multi-cell life.

To know how life originated, to answer this question would have great significance to understand ourselves.

And if there is a God or not. A higher powerful perfect Beeing with unlimited knowledge.

Or is this just a wish we make to give all this senseless suffering a higher meaning? We don’t know.

just for one day…… see the world of man through the glasses of „accumulation of cells for better survival.“

when agent smith in the movie „the matrix“ calls us bacteria… multiply and multiply….. he is not quiet right.

we are not bacteria, we are a more intelligent species… but we can choose to behave like bacteria.

bacteria also wage war against each other just as humans did and still do since thousands of years.

let’s look at the tool „money“ from a „we-are-teams-of-cells-of-former-bacteria“ point of view.

money can’t buy us love.

but do bacteria need love?

what is love?

is love an illusion?

is love the idiotic guidance in our „team-of-cells“ to tell us „hey….. u are not bacteria anymore! you do not multiply by cell-division (via cloning)! no! you need sex to multiply!“

and sex is also an interesting invention of evolution.

from a evolutionary point of view it is „good“ to have sex and have babies with as many partners as possible (an we all know 50% of the marriages fail) because bio-diversitiy is crucial for survial of the species.


because there might be one or two gene-combinations that survives the next virus-epedemic.

via sex completely new dna-combinations are „tried out“.

and if you will…… a new generation of kids is a new generation of dna-combinations of nature to find out, what is really helping to survive in an ever changing world.

back to the point: what is love? do bacteria need love?

humans atleast need love to be happy. people say. the dalailama says the meaning of life is to be happy.

and happyness is strongly associated with a successful life.

no matter rich or poor. no matter how much money you have earned.

more important than money…. is to find a way…… to live a happy life.

most money earning processes are not associated with happyness.

because it’s only for the sake of profit, for the business, not for the human need for happyness.

why do humans need love?

because the „team-of-cells“ realized how powerful teamwork can be.

but nowadays with no real enemies left on this earth than ourselves…….. teamwork between higher life such as „team-of-cells“-humans seems to be less important.

because „we can earn money“ and therefore be a temporary „team“ of complete independent  strangers.

my mum one said „countries that trade with each other usually don’t go to war with each other“, because its not good for business to spoil the customer.

we can afford it to be egoists and asholes.

because we earned it, we spend it…. we pay the rent…… the food…… and kid, wife and grand mum shut up and do as i say.

but can egoists ever be really happy? can people that are dependent on money-centric egoists ever be happy?

they can have expensive toys…… but money hardly can buy love.

it might can buy respect….. but not love. can you buy friends? can you buy a loving relationship? i guess not.

so if money can not buy real love….. does it make happy? if you don’t need love. Then yes, why not. Beeing powerful and buying „help“ from others can be fun.

It makes those „team-of-cells“ happy, that don’t need love.

Can you have love and money?

Yes why not.

But to find out…… if your wife still loves you…… when all the money is gone…. you only can find out……. if you try to live without money.

Women tend to like men with power and money.

This is so, because there are still the old „hunter-and-house-wife“ genes in us.

And a good hunter is one, that brings home a lot of prey (money)….. to feed the children….. and keep em warm, healthy and hopefully build a basis on which they can be happy.

Therefore it is very important to teach children how to be independent from their parents early on.

And children usually love to learn how to be independent and self-sustaining.

Freedom is just much more fun 😉

So if money can form temporary business-teams between „team-of-cells“-humans….. then why engage in long-term relationships?

Trust is a very important basis for successful team-work and successful business.

So investing time and money in trust and friendship and long-term relationships should pay off, in the long run.

Burrhus Frederic Skinner says we have no free-will because we are bound to the parameters we live in.

A hungry pigeon needs to eat to survive. It has no choice.

And there is an in-build will to survive in every kind of life.

But let’s say the pigeon is sick…… and decides to die. Then it has a choice.

Do i want to eat and survive? Or rather die and end my misery?

Usually a healthy pigeon will not choose to die. 🙂

why does „the famila“ become less important than business partners?

because as soon as you have a job……

it’s not the family anymore……. that you have to cooperate with.

man just like bacteria realized that when forming groups…. they have better chances of survival. (because they survive attacks of other groups…… and kill the competition more effectively)

in ancient times bonds to the tribe/village/family and importance in the tribe/village/family were important.

nowadays…… if you need protection you buy a gun.

if you need a help……. you hire someone.

if you need food……. you earn money and spend it again.

no tribe….. no village……. no family necessary.

this is sad…… because it creates egoists that go to work every day like machines and have a massive list of failed relationships (because they don’t really want to fix it.. fucking around is just more fun and conveniant).

you have our modern civilization.

which has good aspects…… but also bad aspects.

my question is……. why can we not combine both?

why can families not learn how to earn money TOGETHER!

god truly blessed those families……. that still depend on each other……. and have therefore something to talk about. every day. 

my mum quit her job and joined my father’s job just to have something to talk about. during and after work. it never worked out.

in my family…… everyone makes „his thing“…….. and we are all just friends and buddies.

not more not less.

because we never learned to love.

because our parents never learned it.

can we buy us out of this shit?