CESifo DICE Report 4/2010


Happiness and Economic Policy

Happiness: A New Approach in Economics
(Bruno S. Frey and Alois Stutzer)

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Cutting through the Clutter: Searching for an Over-Arching Measure of Well-Being
(Jon Hall, Christopher Barrington-Leigh and John Helliwell)

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Happiness, Income and Economic Policy
(Luis Rayo and Gary S. Becker)

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Work and Well-Being
(Andrew E. Clark)

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Well-Being, Front and Center: A Note on the Sarkozy Report
(Richard A. Easterlin)

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The Greatest Happiness Principle: Its Time Has Come
(Richard Layard)

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Happiness and Political Institutions
(Alois Stutzer and Bruno S. Frey)

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Research Report:

Measuring Interest Group Activity
(Silke Friedrich)

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Reform Model:

The Effects of the Bonus Tax – What Was Intended and What Was Achieved?
(Doina Maria Radulescu)

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New Regulations of Part-time Work

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Fight Fat

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The Role of Cable TV Networks in the Broadband Market

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Measuring Life Satisfaction

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Hospital Payment Systems in Europe

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Constraints for Small and Medium Enterprises’ Innovation Activities in a European Country Comparison

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New at DICE Database, Conferences, Books

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