1. quality of software: M$ never cared much about quality. (in comparison to apple)

they just buy/sell/ship whatever is sellable.

2. windows design conecpts

windows is „useless“ without 3rd party software. this sounds obvious. ever tried to backup with or restore a BOOTABLE system with robocopy or xcopy or ntbackup?

just forget it. you need to BUY MORE SOFTWARE to do that.

it becames obvious, that Mr.Gates does not really know much about technology. Otherwise he would have shipped windows with a software that can BACKUP, SNAPSHOT (incremental) & RESTORE the system. (buy Acronis True Image, another 100€, or buy a Mac (the OS X boot disk comes with „disk utility“ which ATLEAST lets you backup & restore a system to image-file/from image-file.))

4. microsoft LOVES to come up with „new“ concepts, which are actually old one’s with a new (sellable) name.

5. some things just do not work. and M$ does not care. You allready bought the shit. So die.

„ASR is a perfect example of MS-cave-man-code; grinding sticks together and tossing stones to try to compete with linux opensource and symantec utilities.“

What is good about microsoft?

1. easy usability/setup in comparison to linux (getting better).

2. support of new hardware

3. games.