first i watched this: http://dokujunkies.org/dokus/tiere/gibbons-von-affenliebe-und-affentreue-dtv-xvid.html

than i read that: http://trish-m.hubpages.com/hub/Evolution-The-Human-Difference

okay imagine you are a ape… you sit on a tree… you eat… you sleep… you mate… you swing around….

… why would you come down from the tree?

it’s dangerous down there.

maybe because there is more food and water than on the trees? (trees drop fruits, no river or lake on a tree)

and while you are down there… you can try out different things… play with fire 😀

fire keeps raptors away… so why go on trees?

climbing trees consumes a lot of energy… since fire we can concentrate on other things… like organize hunts on big animals like deer, cows and elefants…

…. languages were invented… because teamwork makes the difference in survival and teamwork relies on bilateral communication.

more meat means more protein and stonger muscles than from vegetables… stronger muscles means easier hunting…..

let the beef rott a while, grill it and it’s allready half digested outside of the body… ( i am mostly vegi 😉 )

which is nice because digestion also consumes energy. ( a quiet noticeable amount of energy actually )

… after discovering planting and pottery….

what comes now is inspired by this book: aufbrechen by günter dück (you might be able to translate it via google translate)

someone came up with a steam-engine, then with a combustion-engine… cars and tractors were invented and BANG!

… 95% of the landworkers are unemployed…. what to do with all this spare time?

study hard and learn to serve in a service-society for what is thought to be the „ultiamte tool of cooperation“ its called: money

… but only beeing slave to money is not satisfying… everyone wants to live up to his/her full potentials…

while playing around with technology, then someone came up with a tool called COMPUTER!

and some scientist used this tool in a way to make distributed digital files more easily accessible ….. (the INTERNET was born)

it works like a human brain thinks…. via connections and associations (links) between informations (web sites). a global brain if you want.

and google has given the brain a focus and a filter for importance. (if the filter is missing one could become a savant like kim puter) add the never ending striving for efficiency through automation and…


… 95% of all service-workers are unemployed… bankers, security-agents, store-owners and operators and even private lesson teachers. (no kidding, http://www.tutorvista.com/ online private lessons by teachers from india)

this is what it looks like: (can someone write a program for speech recognition and translation? thanks!)

… what to do with all this spare time?

… inventing and working hard for the next big bang… because things can just not go on like this.

will it be…..

… the end of a capitalistic society?

… beaming stuff with your iphone?

… a astroid that threatens all life and we need to go to space? (adapt to terrible things that nature does to us)

… general advancements, because sitting on a couch is just not fullfilling enough.

… i don’t know…. but it’s just a thought….

comment on: http://trish-m.hubpages.com/hub/Evolution-The-Human-Difference

interesting article from a non-scientist 🙂

YES, the docs also don’t know it all.

but they often act like it. not admitting they are also limited in their knowledge. frustrating others.

But just the fact, that the brain would have space to grow, does not mean it will.

So 2.4m years ago apes were able to use fire?

All because of a cooking accident, we were able to building nuclear bombs?

When meat fell into a fire…. and was not thrown away… but „tried“ and found „good“?

And now recently we abandoned cooking and invented „fast-food“.

Will it make our brains grow even more? (brain is fat, so yes?)

Will fast-food make mankind even more intelligent? (cook less, study more?)

Or will sophisticated cooking foster more intelligent chidlren?

Sounds somewhat logical.
I often tend to believe, we are far less intelligent than we think, humans in crowds often act not more intelligent than a bunch of bacteria… consume, consume, consume until there is nothing left to consume.

… i don’t know…. but it’s just a thought….