…. everyone is votes for an conservative islamic party!

because allah is great! because the religion is good for the people, so the religion should help form a government that is also good for the people!

BUT WHAT HAPPENS the next guy develops to the next dictator with „allah-given-powers“.

This is just the way it was in europe 300 years ago.

Nothing changed.

All the revolutionary fighters died in vane.

the winner of the ellection in egypt 2011/2012 is the „liberty  and justice“ party of the „muslim brotherhood“ a, of course, very conservative islamic thinking party.



Mursi restricts the judicial power

After months of struggle for power in Egypt Islamist President Mohammed Mursi has limited the powers of the judicial drastically. He wants to ensure, according to experts, that judges do not hinder the Islamists on a march through the institutions.


Mohammed Mursi
Critics call Mursis interference in the judiciary as „dictatorial“. Reuters
„We do not want another dictator»Egyptian Nobel Peace Prize Mohamed ElBaradei said that the revolution had been strangled with it.

Mursi had appointed himself the „ruler on the orders of God.“

i just hope… the population is learning fast how … and that they do not have to risk their life again… fighting for a fairer, better life.

„We do not want another dictator,“ said the journalist Mona al-Tahawi. „The revolution will not accept a new dictator,“ quoted the TV channel Al-Arabiya, the former presidential candidate Hamdien Sabahi.

Mursi had before the Constitutional Court denied the competence to decide on the legality of the constitutional committee dominated by Islamists. He also gave himself the final word on virtually all issues.

In the new Constitution, Statement by the President, which his spokesman Yasir Ali lectured on national TV, it says: „No judicial body has the right to the Constitutional Committee or the Shura Council (the second chamber of parliament) to dissolve.“ The implementation of the decisions of the President are expected from any court to be disabled. So that all of the judiciary previously invalidated Mursis decrees were effective again.

Almost all Liberal members have left the constitution committee now. They want to protest the lack of willingness to compromise their vision of the Islamists. The Muslim Brotherhood and the radical Islamic Salafists want a constitution that is based on the Sharia and religious scholars have more power in the legislative process.

Mursi brings to silence critics

The Constitutional Court is currently a case is pending in which seeks to determine whether the constitutional committee potentially illegal. Because the committee had been called by the deputies of a parliament to life, which has now been resolved.

In one fell swoop to rid Mursi, who has his political home in the Muslim Brotherhood, now the attorney general, who had commanded him several times in recent months Paroli. He sent Mahmoud Abdel Megid retirement and appointed Talat Ibrahim Abdullah as his successor.

To appease his critics in the ranks of the so-called „youth revolution“ Mursi also decreed that all processes are due to the killing of protesters during the protests against Mubarak rolled up again in 2011.

Demos announced

Several liberal and leftist parties have called for this Friday for a demonstration against the government and the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo. The former Secretary General of the Arab League, Amre Moussa called the liberal parties together for a crisis meeting.

„The majority of ordinary Egyptians, whose lives will be changed by the decisions of the President, will support him,“ the Muslim Brotherhood said on the evening of the short message service Twitter.

(Dpa / godc; Maiu)