i know that china will copy everything  and sell it cheaper with no respect to trademarks or patents.

This is clearly not ok.

But how does discussing of internet censorship by the U.S-EU Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Working Group help here?

So its clearly not about physical but intellectual property.

Thus. The following text taken from http://www.dfat.gov.au/trade/acta/discussion-paper.html proves the whole ACTA-Thing is just WRONG. You will not stop physical counterfeit with a web-filter, will you?

The possible scope and magnitude of counterfeiting and piracy are illustrated by the report which estimates that the value of international trade in physical counterfeit and pirated products may have been up to USD200 billion in 2005. If domestic production and trade in infringing goods and digital piracy via the Internet were also to be included, the OECD report estimates the total value would be increased by several hundred billion US dollars. Counterfeit and pirated goods are being produced and consumed in virtually all economies, with a concentration of infringements occurring in Asia. Australia needs to consider carefully what further part it might play in addressing this important issue, including whether it should join negotiations on a new standard of IPR enforcement through the ACTA.

Socio-economic impacts of counterfeiting and piracy identified by the OECD report are:

  • negative impacts on innovation and growth as IPR holders have a decreased ability to capture the benefits of their innovation that would enable them to reinvest profits in research and development activities;
  • criminal activities encouraged by the relatively high margin / low risk profile of IPR infringement, including association with organised crime and funding of terrorist activities;
  • environmental damage by counterfeiting and piracy through the significant waste produced through destroying infringing items. Environmental harm is also caused when substandard products are made that do not comply with environmental standards – eg unsafe counterfeit fertilizers;
  • reduced employment in legitimate industries which are undermined by decreased demand for their products, and poor employment conditions in the illegitimate market;
  • decreased foreign direct investment where infringing products have a strong presence in the market; and
  • undermining of legitimate trade by trade in illegitimate goods.

Negative impacts on IPR holders identified by the OECD report include decreased:

  • sales volumes, prices and royalties;
  • brand values and firm reputation;
  • ability of firms to invest in research and development; and
  • ability of firms to decrease costs and expand the scope of their operations.

Impacts on consumers identified by the OECD report include:

  • health and safety risks (eg, counterfeit medicines, car and aeroplane parts); and
  • impaired fitness of products for their purpose.

Impacts on governments identified by the OECD report include:

  • decreased tax revenues;
  • increased expenditure on preventing and dealing with IPR crimes; and
  • corruption encouraged by IPR crimes.

Who is behind this? And you really think you can stop the world from turning, save your company that wants to continue doing what it has done the last 50 years? Have fun!

You have learned nothing from the casette-recorder-incidents.


Harley Davidson, Directors Guild of America, Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies, Discovery Institute, Sheet Metal Workers‘ International Association and Underwriters Laboratories, just to name a few.

Rosetta Stone, a Virginia-based language learning software company with nearly 1,000 employees, said that “at a time when the U.S. economy— and U.S. jobs— are increasingly dependent on ideas and innovation, it is essential that protections be put in place against theft and piracy so that the Internet will not be a safe haven for foreign counterfeiters who deceive American consumers and steal American jobs.”

i would never buy a product (even as nice as rosetta stone) for a 1000 bugs if i do not REALLY REALLY REALLY need it. So i would not have bought it anyway.

Until today i would not even know what rosetta stone is and would have never used it. I would have never tried to learn swedish. Thats „great“.

Go ahead, make the world a better place for yourself, forget about the rest of mankind, that you are SOOOO independent from, if you just have enough money, right?