are we still having control over our thoughts?

so much is going through our head these days…. crysis here… nuclear catastrophe there…

our soul slowly takes the „color“ of our thoughts

no wonder we are all getting unhappy, depressed and ultimately sick

all i want to let to my mind is something good, like a laugh of a happy child

but how can you do this? if there is so much to worry about?

sit on solid ground (not a chair) try to hear and feel your breath… make some breathing-sounds… and concentrate completely on your breathing….

feel how your mind gets emptied… how your mind stops thinking… about all that goes wrong….

and focus your mind on the beatiful… that is right on this planet.

you won’t find it on television or in the newspapers.

this will fill your heart with joy… and paints a smile on your face.

what is the ultimate goal of all striving of man?

for power, might, women, land, money, wealth

ultimately it is a striving for happyness.

but all man does, is nothing compared to a wild beatiful flower

have you ever created a flower that is more beautiful, than the one that nature made and that grows completely without haste, efforts and worries on your loan?

all doing of man is nothing compared to what nature allready has done.