dinosaurs failed (to survive) the asteroid / meteor – lets hope we have enough checks in place to not fail in any case… but checks made by humans and will also not be perfect.

computer sind fehlerhafte geschöpfe, eines fehlerhaften schöpfers.

wenn aber der mensch ein fehlerhaftes geschöpf gottes ist, ist gott selbst dann auch fehlerhaft?

ist die menschliche naivität in uns der glauben, die ganze menschheit könne niemals “failen”? fehl schlagen / aussterben.

check for survival:
to enshure survival of a meteroid – mankind shall unite and make settlements on mars, moon and other planets.

the probability that all planets are hit by a meteor at the same time is not as big.

(they dinosaurs would still live, if they would have managed to settle on mars)


next level of checkness:
settlement in another solar system / galaxy … the probability that two solar systems are sucked in by a black hole at the same time… is lesser… so chances of survival are higher.