we as a species have to become conscious – that all we do – every single bending of a blade of grass – is defining / reflecting / showing our culture.


culture is „the way of doing things“.


you drive with benzin, the other guy drives electric.


same outcome, different method, different side-effects.


if you like to party and destrying things along the way, it shows your culture.


if you prefer to pay people to help you, instead of having friends and a vital relationship that helps each other, it shows your culture… and what it is lacking.


the culture of easter-island was to make bigger and bigger statues as symbols of prestige & power.

along this, they completely used up their tree-resources, without trees they neither could build fishing-boats nor fishing-nets… and lost their primary source of food: fish.

a culture where prestige & power can lead to the overuse of natural resources … sounds like modern western civilisation… is a culture that is not sustainable.

the question is not if… but when it will collapse.

i just hope we manage to adapt faster than those easter-islanders…. that dropped their stone-carving tools immediately and forever.


a lot of different cultures… why do we not learn from each other? that would be so crucial.