Emotions are usually there to motivate us to make us do things.

They SHOULD make us do things that BALANCE UNBALANCED things out.

Example: Feel hungry. This feeling motivates you to get something to eat.

Another example: Jealousy, your brother walks in with a very beautiful women…. and you think…. „why is my girlfriend not that good looking?“

So the emotion of jealousy makes one want to get attention, from beautiful women.

But isn’t there ALWAYS something you grieve for? A sports car. A good meal. A beautiful women. Big success. A genious invention. A great rock-gig. Or simply the attention of your mum or dad especially during childhood.

„The feeling to be important“

So does man/women have the choice to either:

1. be unhappy 99% of the time because there is always something you want

2. manage to find ways to not be unhappy, despite the things you think lack to more happyness….

3, be happy without the things and not give a damn…. (not as easy as saying it especially when you get teased ALL the time)

4. run away from all of this and hide in a location very far away from all this emotional confusions….

when you are VERY poor…. a little money makes you happy….. but around 10.000€ per month…. this happyness stalls.

More money will not bring more happyness.

So it’s always about the balance.

Meaning: If your bank account is 0 at the end of the month.

That would be a perfect balance of income and outcome and you should be the happiest person alive.

(in theory, the problem is unbalances (weather cold outside, need energy to get body in healthy temperatures) will occur outside of your bank account that can be fixed with money, but if there is no money, no human beeing will sell his/her time and products to help you. so it would be good to have some reserves.)

If man can balance it’s emotions out…. without beeing destructive (violence, rapism) that would be a great achievement.

I mean it’s good to have a dynamic life full of (mostly positive) emotions.

But you can not smile 24-7 365 days a year, 100 years in a row.

Good things will happen bad things will happen, in the end it equals zero.

Like stock charts our life is ups and downs that on average should not have a downturn tendency.

Breathing exercises like „vipassana meditation“ (very esotheric name, just ignore it) somehow can help to be more objective towards one’s own emotions….

… meaning you can step aside „look at it“ in a more objective way and choose to not be affected as badly as you would be usually…

So how do we cultivate happyness and satisfaction without destryong the world including ourselves?

I have no 100% answer to that.

Hoping 4 your good comments.