it seems tripoli is not anymore under gaddafi control….

6 days after the money ran out….

supplies where allready short…

gaddafi could have just left the land peacefully but no….. i guess he feared to be killed as a traitor if he did so. traitors do not last long in lybia.

in the last final battle over tripoli it is said that 1300 people died. According to this video, people in a hotel in Tripoli are held as hostages and human shields by men of Gaddafi. (DO NOT BE EVIL IDIOTS! GIVE UP!)

my deepest respect to the people that risk their lifes for a little bit more freedom and justice.

we the western democraties MUST also advance and always make our flawed human-system better and better, because it is NO WAY perfect but money-corrupted.

Maybe we even need to get rid of money itself and find new ways and reasons for cooperation.

Maybe the internet can make large scale cooperations for benefit of all (and not the profit of some) possible.

For the better of all humans and not for the better of a handfull that know how to build up monopols and cheat more than the others.

Gaddafi says that if the tribes do not come to defend tripoli, they will be slaves to the imperialists. (england, usa… china?)

And indeed africa is resource rich and western and eastern economies desperately need more resources to continue their idiotic capitalistic consume of resources and products.

But capitalism itself has broken down. Banks are not giving out anymore money.

States (usa. greece, spain, italy, irland and germany… are about to go broke, iceland is allready) have to cut costs and might collapse under those cuts.

So the last remaining imperialist is CHINA.

And we, the western-consumers are fueling the power of china with every mobile phone and every laptop we buy.

may god be with all of you and us 🙂