„IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS“ (as cypher said in the movie „The Matrix“ wanting to be connected back into the machine-system)


males tend to remember the good things that have happened in a relationship and forget about the bad… females tend to remember the bad things.

mankind is programmed to forgive…

even the most bloodiest of cruelties… because no one can live with permanent hate.

… but does this mean, humans can make mistakes and killing again and again?


it means mankind needs to grow up and learn from mistakes made centuries ago.

„you can dream the impossible, but must settle and live with the possible“

unless there is a infrastructure, that makes the impossible, possible.

me, 2012

it is not impossible to learn from (mistakes of) others – but as we grow old , we might grow even more stubborn  – we refuse – the infrastructure of learning from others exsists now – the human brains and the internet.

we just need to learn put it to good use.