How to help? join these guys to help the people in lybia:

News from the front in Lybia

watch in REALTIME what young brave people have to say in their country:

can someone dissarm Gaddafi? ATLEAST STOP SHIPPING/SELLING HIM FUCKING WEAPONS! (China? Russia? Iran? STOP IT!)

The fucking ashole is shelling Misurata killing hundreds of civilians. Women children… he does not care.

Gaddafi is employing mercenaries from all over africa to shoot at his own people.

Because people from his folk would never shoot at their brothers and sisters. With every word that comes from Gaddafi’s mouth he is lying and trying to cling to power and oppression.

Gaddafi lässt in Lybien Geld verteilen

„What is it specifically we can do? What type of pressure can we put on our governments? Where can we congregate to gather support for stronger action against repression in Libya?

Citizens of the world want civil freedom and peace in these Arab countries, and in part I believe it will help us all live in a world which is governed by the compassion of the population rather than the cynical and selfish politics of a selfish and greedy self-interest groups.“

England is thinking about arming rebels:

The Lybia Youth Movement

Mapping Violence Against Pro-Democracy Protests in Libya

This map has been created by compiling reports from trusted accounts on Twitter. Nonetheless, these reports are in general unconfirmed.,18.038602&spn=9.309983,14.111091&source=embed

Free Bengasi radio:

Reporters that were willing to die.

Two acclaimed photographers have been killed in Libya. Chris Hondros and Tim Hetherington  were killed in Misurata while covering fighting between rebel fighters and Muammar Gaddafi’s forces. In this picture gallery, we publish the last set of pictures that Chris Hondros filed of the fighting in Misurata.

These are their last picutres: Thank you for beeing there… helping the people to understand and see (seeing is believing)

These guys seem to take this all with humour:

Interesting video could also happen to christians