A company is a cooperation a body of cells made up of single human individuums

Companies bodies are made of a teamwork/cooperation of human-cells.

Their blood is money. Their thirst is resources and profit.

They fight with other companies to survive and grow.

Big bodies bully and eat smal ones.

Not all human-cells in the body are aware of what the body is actually doing right now.

Growth is dictated/forced by interest rate, not sustainable.

The only thing they humans actually want is to live in peace and happily and sustainable.

Because robots can not replace humans, humans enslave other humans in violent or obscure ways.

In a body there are differentiated/specialists cells that developed of a generic stem-cell to serve in a special purpose.

just as engineers, ceos, the cleaning lady are all from the same species homo sapiens… but because of their training/specialization they now serve a special purpose. (and get paid differently…)

Companies would love to clone their engineer staff, their accounting staff and other specialists… because there is always a shortage of the highly trained highly skilled „cells“.

In the body, those cells can split themselves into multiple „clones“ of themselves if they are requireed.

In a company-body you do not have those „cloning-of-staff“ possibilities.

So it is very hard to find specialized individuals human-cells that can work together properly as a larger unit.

Because this requires compatibility between individuals or adaption of individuals by social competence. (but adaption is not as good as compatibility) The minimum level of compatibility would be that they speak the same language properly.

If money in a company = blood in human body… there are major differences.

Although the blood cells look like coins…

…the body is able to create its own „money“ itself.

2.4 million new erythrocytes ( blood cells ) are produced per second.[1] The cells develop in the bone marrow and circulate for about 100–120 days in the body before their components are recycled by macrophages. Each circulation takes about 20 seconds. Approximately a quarter of the cells in the human body are red blood cells.


The company can NOT create it’s own money.

It needs to lend it from a bank.

The only thing that the body needs to „lend“ from it’s environment (a well, a river, the ocean) is water. And water is basically „for free“. It might be not for free if it needs transportation.

So the company is a body that needs a blood transfer to get started… and might need further blood transfers….

The bank that can produce the  money holds basically a monopol on all the money/blood that companies/bodies need.

This is un-natural.

Because this would compare the money-printing bank with the ocean.

But the ocean does not charge interest rates.

It does not ask you for 103 Liters of water by the end of the year if you borrowed 100 Liters from it.

So there is the major difference. The interest rate on „blood“.