shit. now things start to become evil…. or not?
„they really want to listen – how to solve the rights and regulations problems – without destroying what is great about the internet“

interview andrew rasiey – personal democracy forum

„a clash between 21st century thinking hopes and dreams – lot of different players and forces – governments steep in history 19th century thinking – private company managing the public internet – but it’s a private internet – wheather or not the leaders will listen to the advice – realistic optimist – unfortunately many people running the government are pre-internet – they have not really felt it and understood it – i learned this during the egyptian revolution – when vodafone shut off – you can shut off the public internet – but you can not shut off the internet public – there is a new generation of young people living in networks and they grew up in network ways – they don’t trust that governments are default closed rather than be open – without that conversation we have nothing – step backwards too much regulations – on the other hand technology is evasive innovating – freedom boxes– self powered their own network box to box – a little cat and mouse game – as this technology evolves it overcomes – reengineer the internet to be able to monitor people – big threat that the citizens themselves do not understand – seduced by the technology – not realizing what they are giving up – more data sounds great – but we also loose privacy – what does it mean to someone who is 60 and 20 – we are living in silos and not listening very well to other perspectives – device in your hand 80x times more powerful than the computer that took us to the moon – technology is moving faster than governmens can understand it – wikipedia is power if you like it or not – personal democracy forum new york – larger community of people that is interested in that subject – people are stepping up asking the important question – transparency, accountability, about fairness.“


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Statement of civil society in e-G8 and G8
2011-05-20 18:35:00, atoth

The 37th G8 summit next week has set the French G8 Presidency in control of the Internet on the agenda and to this end specifically on e-G8 Forum invited. As government and business representatives at the G8 are over-represented, the Chaos Computer Club last week, has called together with La Quadrature du Net and other assets to creative protest. In an initiative by AccessNow to civil rights organizations around the world now turn directly to an open letter to the G8, the CCC, and the association Digital Society has also been translated into German.Erklärung der Zivilgesellschaft an e-G8 und G8

Beim 37. G8-Gipfel in der kommenden Woche hat die französische G8-Präsidentschaft die Kontrolle des Internets auf die Tagesordnung gesetzt und zu diesem Zweck eigens zum „e-G8-Forum“ eingeladen. Da Regierungs- und Wirtschaftsvertreter bei den G8 überrepräsentiert sind, hat der Chaos Computer Club vergangene Woche zusammen mit La Quadrature du Net und anderen Aktiven zu kreativem Protest aufgerufen. In einer Initiative von AccessNow wenden sich Bürgerrechtsorganisationen weltweit nun direkt mit einem offenen Brief an die G8, der vom CCC, und dem Verein Digitale Gesellschaft auch ins Deutsche übersetzt wurde.

„discussion about wikileaks“ on g8

„The responsibility can only be shared between you and us.“

„citicens are unaware of the consequences about their use of the technology“

„governments may impose rules and regulations that are worse than the desease“

jeff jarvis – „the internet is a 8th continent … ask sarcozy for a hypocratic oath to the internet – he mocked that – how do you protect your security, privacy, family?“

matt cowan – „fuel innovation without breaking rules – there is no concesus on how you drive innovation“

stanislav magniant – – „