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the cat that jumps on your lap…. does it want love? for shure.

but maybe it also wants to be „important“ 😉

rigkt click, save as, rename to .mp3

and play.

everyone wants to be important. that’s why people buy  expensive cars.

so others look at them and they feel „important“, although this car is in NO WAY efficient.

it would be aweful if children would NOT be important to their parents…. but sadly this happens, resulting in disturbed personalities acting weird.

don’t send in the psychologic, it will only make things worse. (with anti psychotic drugs) just start taking time for your kid and trying to build a relationship.

you are not a concrete block, too important to deal with your kid? (don’t outsource it)

Why does a teacher talk down on his students?

Because he wants to feel important.

Some people act more important than they really are.

And sooner or later (because mankind is striving for a maximum in efficiency/effectiveness in the economy) someone realize how unimportant a certain job is and just replace a guy with some half-selfservice-half-automated online computer-service. (will be very true for many officials, inshurance guys, bankers maybe even teachers…)

the mind of every guy studying economics circles around this holy grail: EFFICIENCY

because where you can make things more efficient, cheaper… you can sell it better and maybe drive the competition out of the market.

(for some weird, corrupt and best-friend-of-oil related reasons… car manufacturers are stopping their own engineers from making things more efficient, a lot could be done, if there was a will and if decision-makers thought it would be a profitable idea… but no…. we keep wasting an finite resource that was build up over millions of years in about 150 years…. how „intelligent“ is that? humans STILL don’t act intelligent as a mass.)

Nature like man is always striving for maximum energy efficiency. Like the Antarctic Sea Urchin.

Many important scientific discoveries (peniciline) where made by learning from nature.

But when man destroys it’s own habitat/nature, where do we then learn from?

Is a efficient life a good life?

How does the striving for efficiency in the economy affect the happyness in a population?

Are we happy to be „effective“ machines?

In my opinion, to live „efficient“  should mean to live sustainable happyness, in closed renewable-circles within nature.

No matter how much cash this guy/girl made.

If the life was happy, than it was „efficient“.

But of course to be happy, one needs to survive.

And the universe is a cold and hostile place.

Even nature on this planet is dangerous and not always friendly.

Although we do not have to worry (yet) about where to get fresh and clean air from. (in space you would have to… in big cities you also should worry about it. City-lungs look a little like smoker lungs.)

The sun is too hot in some areas, it is to cold in some other areas… and people have to make enormous efforts to not die from any inbalance or resource shortage. (too much energy, too less)

So every human has to steadily adapt to the changing environment (climate change) and the changes in available resources that are used, exploited and consumed by man him/her-self.

health (air, peace, nutrition) energy, housing, love

if these basic needs are not satisfied, its hard to be happy, but not impossible! 😉 (breathing exercise = meditation can help a lot, google for fred von allmen

in our economy if we do not help companies and governments to be more efficient, we will not earn good money. (we will be washing dishes instead of doing engineering)

so we will be able to satisfy the basic needs probably only partly.

so this economy is „hostile“ to people that do not participate in making EVERYTHING more efficient.

Because China seems to be the most efficient (cheap) place to manufacture efficient (cheap) many many many (almost all) products are shipped around the globe and money will accumulate in China.

Money is the blood of this economy.

So if blood accumulates in one organ in the body, it can not be healthy for the whole organism.

As some of you might know (especially people from Taiwan) China is clever and wins, wouthout fighting.

Fighting is in-efficient.

China things, that the western capitalistic system is a system that needs to be overcome.

And i think they are right, because the striving for maximum efficiency sooner or later completely eradicates the „importance“ of people, maybe making them unhappy.

Actually this is what happened when the steam and later combustion engine and the first usable, mass manufactured traktors were invented.

The first tractors „became popular in industrialised countries from around 1850, when the first self-propelled portable steam engines for agricultural use were developed“

In 1886 the automobile followed  Benz Patent-Motorwagen Nummer 1 aus dem Jahr 1886.

The Ford T (1909) was the first mass-produced car.

So let’s say roughly 1850 -> tractors made maidservant and farm laborer  abundant and „jobless“, they had to search for new jobs. Those jobs were mainly provided by the factories around cities where people worked for very very little money under poor conditions with no health enshurance. (as it happens in China right now but even many western companies are seeing human workes in mass production as „effective“ = cheap machines.)

I guess we all agree that beeing a machine makes a unhappy life. But having „nothing“ to do at all, probably makes the primitive even more unhappy. It has to be „balanced“.

Not 10 hours work per day, 6 should be enough.

Although many people can „arrange“ themselves somewhat with this condition, it is not the perfect condition, the perfect condition would, that a human can live out his/her full potential and strive for a happy life style that is designed around happyness but also enshures survival. (military service to defend against aggressors, development of weapons to kill evil astroids)

So in Summary.

1850 -> tractors made farm work more efficient, lot’s of people had to find a „new job“, had to give their free time and resource use another target.

1900 -> hourses became job by the invention of a machine called „car“.

1950 -> self-service stores, electronics, computers, robots make many workers less employed but can not completely take over all primitive-jobs.

2000 -> even service-people start loosing jobs to the computer

so all this striving for more effectiveness is „good“ because people have to spend less of their precious time on work and could (in theory) do whatever they want…

IF!!!!!! they had INFINITE RESOURCES. (money, energy, food, communication)

and basically the trend is towards those INFINITE RESOURCES.

MONEY: ok money will NEVER be infinite except for the oil-sheiks. (and not even them)

so money needs to be abolished COMPLETELY and a new ways of cooperation need to be found. ( i have an idea 😉 time-trading)

ENERGY: actually this planet/sun has MUCH MUCH more energy than mankind needs, but we are unwilling/too stupid to utilize it. But solar-thermal power plants in egypt were just finished shortly before the jasmin revolution in 2011 started 🙂

FOOD: it is a gift, that when you put one potatoe in the ground… half a year later it has become 5x!!!!

but yes…. this is still not a automated process and the efficiency in this sector does not work without money.

COMMUNICATION: i was very astonished that in 1996 land-line calls in the usa were „FREE“ where germans still had to pay 10Pfennig per Minute to call someone.

But now. Ten years later they are also „free“ in germany meaning: provided by a fixed monthly charge (that also steadily decreases) you can communicate as much as you want.

Same for the internet. (thanks god)

When it comes to efficiency, efficiency is NOT needed if the RESOURCE is unlimited.


meaning if a resource is unlimited one does not need to increase it’s efficiency.

the people in island don’t worry about the electricity bill. the thermal springs there provide more than enough energy FOR FREE for all the 318.236 (1. Dezember 2010) people in island.

so they don’t care if a light bulb consumes 60 watt or 6 watts.

so to have a sustainable life one either needs to increase the amount of resources available (infinite would be perfect) or one needs to become more and more efficient while resources become less and less or change the products to consume different resources.


try to artificially produce the resource material (methane-gas from wood or hydrogen+co2 instead from ground far far away)

what would be a infinite resource for food?

Actually there is „no infinite“ but a perfect circle of reuse and recycling.

If one could make 1x cup of plastic, from 1x recycled cup of plastic with 100% renewable energy/resource…. that would be a „perfect“ circle.

Let’s look a food.

If i eat a carrot, the carrot is digested and some of the carrot’s atoms are incoorperated into my body and some will be come out as pee or poo.

Pee and poo can be used as furtilizers to grow more carrots.

And i myself one day could become (after i died hopefully a natural death) furtilizer for carrots.

Closing the perfect circle of resource usage.

So resource usage is transforming material between multiple states.

A state where the resource is a product that is used/eaten, and a state where it is in a non-usable state.

E.g. a spoon made from iron-steel… the steel will rust after centuries nothing than crumble rust will be left.

To make a spoon out of the rust a lot of energy and people that actually want to spend their time on making spoons are needed.

A lot of work goes into preparati0n of the actual manufacturing process, before a spoon can be manufactured billions of tools and steps need to be taken.

So if we find ways to live in perfect closed reuse-circles, we would not need to increase efficiency anymore.

If the popuplation of the planet stays the same.

No one would need to study economy anymore.

If the population increases more people needs to get along with less (also less reusable) resources.

And sooner or later (probably later, because there is still so much space on this planet, except in the cities where people choose to step each other on the foot) mankind needs to colonize another planet with renewable resources and continue perfect circles there.