the meaning of life is to be happy – from a rational point of few – why should you want to live at all, if your life is not (in total) atleast 51% of the time a happy life?

happyness depends more on inner factors than we are aware of.

but we can not smell and see and touch them we just feel them, so it’s not a visible superficial world that will help you (that has enough food to survive) gain more happyness.

In how many human-organisations do you take part voluntarely?

… family, sports-club, science-club, relationship.

in how many compulsory organisations are you part of?

… compulsory military, state/government, mankind.

a substantial good world is not right for all of us – it is not for the selfish – the superficial (not caring about quality of life, happyness from within, in detail)

altouth a selfish-community (not shell-fish) is probably happy with everyone beeing selfish. (i consider satanists and every group that is called a sekt like transzendental meditation and scientology (because their pure aim is to exploit people) selfish)



so people have to create communities – in designated areas where likeminded people can come together – live together and lobby their common ideas – to not suffer under disrespect of other human-made-organisations and their maybe less-advanced-development. (party, party, wohooo!, party more, fuck things up, yeah, we do not care, party party, partisany)

thats what people tend to do.

should bacteria not also cultivate a productive software-system how to organize themselves and distribute resources?


find a nice place – fuck things up – and wander on. this culture is bacteria like.

and if this does not change – mankind will not continue forever.

esp. if you do not care about the well beeing of the people that will inherit this world

you should join the „i do not care if my children and grand-children can be happy“-community.

maybe it is even the nature of man to fuck things up.

but i do not believe so.

if i would believe this, i would become very depressed.

i fucked up a lot of things.

and i want to stop it.

but some people not even try.

which completely pisses me off.

i do not want to belong to such people.

so the people try to organize and form communities….

for example christian, muslim, hindu, chinese, kurd, satanic, politicial parties (fdp, spd, csu, pirate) more or less.


one christian community i know has these rules:

– you are free to come and go (joind and leave)

people will nag and advertise their events… which is ok if they do not become aggressive.

– either you beleive in jesus or you are not one of us

– either you come here almost every sunday or you are not a member

– we believe the world would be a better place if everyone accepts jesus christ as his savior (including all the other religions/believers)

– we do a lot of music performance and speeches, we organize trips, barbeque events, ski trips… you name it.

lot of earthly one hand washes the other advantages of belonging to a group that is like-minded:

– we basically help each other in many ways, renovate your home, help you with the trash, help you in financial ways, help you get stuff cheap and so on. (very earthy, fleshy things)

what are the results:

o christians only want to marry christians

… no sex before marriage. and so on.

o are they happier? in terms of not beeing alone: yes

… but you soon realize… not every meeting is as satisfying as the last one.

… because people also need variety.

o most people are very communicative, nice and love to ramp on about jesus, many important topics as politics and so on are not in the center of discussion. either you name them yourself or they will no tbe discussed.

now lets look at a group that attracts a completely different type of people:

– the compulsoriy/voluntary military service


good for all that have failed to organize themselves to live a happy and productive life.

here life is organized and structured for them. giving them security and survival.

o here to be highest concentration of primitive, animalistic, idiots you will ever see in your entire life

o people get dumped down on purpose, because dumbos will follow orders without questioning the whole thing again and again. (maybe even making suggestions how things could be done, instead of shutting up and following orders)

o helpfullness is not part of their culture. the culture is a „do i have to – unless i will not“ culture.

o they also believe in things. that what they do is right. that if they need to kill other people. it’s all in the name of justice and a good cause, that some politician came up with.

what are the results:

o people snap, kill themselves, run amok, kill civilians or even their own party-members.

o people are crippled or die for no particular

o the psychological distruction is massive, the military tries to deal with the people as machines, realizing more and more they are not.

+ advantages: you will not die of starvation (because they need you alive and healthy)

+ your rent is paid, your credit debt is paid

+ your retirement is „save“

how does the general concept of happiness and unconditional love play into these parties?

so it is necessary to not die mentally to find a group-body-organisation

– that enshures your survival

– you love to spend your precious (unreturnable) time-live in

 so the military only serves the earthly needs but not the mental/spiritual (not on their agenda).

the christian community is exactly the other way around. they focus on the mental/spiritual well being, and the earthly-survival is not the primary goal, there are MAYBE positive side-effects in terms of survival and some people join and pretend just to receive those positive earthly side-effects. (earthly-fakers)

what are your thoughts? please share.