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maked women are always good marketing

The world of freeconomy exists. Expand the spirit of unconditional giving.

the consumer is disconnected from the creating of products

tool that allows this disconnection is money

erosion of community

money as security

mankind is striving for independence,

independence is a complete myth.

we are dependent on earth worms and bees to make honey

reduces all life to numbers

the fact that we can actually give to a human beeing that needs help

it happens in families

the world of freeconomy actually exists

what i ask for is to expand the spirit of giving to enlarge

unconditional giving

what other reason do we need to give but because somebody needs help

intimacy when you are dependent on people when you are dependent on earth

you can see the world through many lenses

the lense that we had on the longest time was: „how much can i get“

there is a new lense called „how much can i give“

another lense is called „how many people can i make smile today“

until this soldiers of peace become as brave as the soldiers of war

little is going to change, we all are soldiers of peace.